India’s No 1 Free Fire Player: Best Player In India?

Do you know who the top Free Fire player in India is now? Let’s go on and find India’s no 1 Free Fire player. This list is based on the …


Do you know who the top Free Fire player in India is now? Let’s go on and find India’s no 1 Free Fire player. This list is based on the recent statistics and tiers of these players.


He is an experienced Free Fire player with over 1300 squad games in the ranking mode in season 12. It seems that NayeemAlam is an active player in squad mode as he doesn’t play many solo and duo games. With a total score of 2497, he got Platinum IV tier and top 27% players in Free Fire. Now the player is at level 68. And he is a member of ‘WHATTHEF*CK’ clan.


Gyan is an active player from YOUTUBER clan. Gyan is also in the top 27% with a total score of 2568 and Platinum IV tier. The Free Fire top player also has a YouTube channel Gyan Gaming with 20.3 lakh subscribers. He broadcasts his games, shares tips, and highlights or funny moments on his YouTube channel.

Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar, a Free Fire pro player, stands in the eighth position. In this Elite Pass season 12, he got a score of 2653 and a slot in the top 22%. Now his tier is Diamond I.

He also works as a Free Fire streamer and YouTuber. Sudip Sarkar’s YouTube channel is not as popular as Gyan Gaming, but it still has 2.59 lakh subscribers. Especially, his KD rate and headshot rate is pretty high. Obviously, Sarkar is a sharpshooter with great headshot skills.


The Free Fire pro player is a member of Team I of Arrow clan. Ajjubhai94 achieved 2922 points, ranking in the top 11%. His current tier is Diamond III. Moreover, Ajjubhai94 is also an active Free Fire player and also focuses on squad games. Significantly, the winning rate of this player in solo, duo, and squad mode is pretty equal. And his KD rate (4.04 in squad mode) is really impressive.


B o l t

This player is not in any guild now, like a lonely soldier. Bolt scored 2289 points, ranking in the top 38%. Like ajjubhai94, his tier in three game modes is equal with the KD rate is over 3 and the headshot rate is over 20%. If you are finding India no 1 Free Fire player who has great shooting skills and never loses himself in any game, it’s Bolt.


TSG Ritik

This Free Fire player is another member coming from TSG Army. With a total score of 2616, Ritik is in the top 22% players in Free Fire and got Diamond I rank in season 12. Although his KD and headshot rates are not as mind-blowing as other players in this list, he is still an important squad member in TSG Army, contributing to the success of this clan in the national qualifier stage of Asia Invitation tournament.

Top players

S K Sabir

S K Sabir Free Fire is a member of the BOSS guild. With a score of 2669 and a tier Diamond I, he is ranked in the top 22% in this season. This Free Fire pro player has a very special tier. In Solo games, his KD rate is only 2.72 while the headshot rate is over 26%. However, in the duo game, he has a super impressive KD rate of 8.45 while the headshot rate is more moderate (around 11%). In squad tier, his KD and headshot rates are also high (4.85 and over 18%).

It appears that when fighting alone, this player is a sharpshooter, and when going with teammates, Sabir becomes a real hunter. His KD rate is really mind-blowing. He deserves the title of Top 10 Free Fire player in India for that impressive tier, especially in duo mode.



Rakesh00007 is another member of the BOSS guild and also the Free Fire best player with an impressive career. Like his friend, S K Sabir Free FireRakesh00007 has an impressive KD rate and also headshot rate. If you see his career status, your mind will definitely be blown away.

In the solo game, his KD and headshot rates are 2.00 and 100% because he only played one solo game. But in duo and squad modes which this player focuses on, his KD rates are 7.08 and 6.31 while the headshot rates are usually over 42%. So amazing!

In this Elite pass season, he got 3143 points and Heroic tier. Rakesh00007 is ranked in the top 1% Free Fire players in this game now. With this mind-blowing career, he is also the best Free Fire player in India.



This Free Fire pro player also comes from the BOSS guild who is ranked in the top 1%, like Rakesh00007. Besides, he also got a high score of 3212 and the Heroic tier. This season, JIGS only played squad games in ranking mode. It’s a wise tip to rank up fast in this battle royale game because when you only focus on one favorite mode, you gather points faster to reach big milestones.


TSG Jash

The first position on this list is TSG Jash coming from TSG Squad. If you don’t know, TSG Army was one of two Indian representatives to join in the Free Fire Asia Invitation 2019. With an impressive tier, Jash is ranked in the top 1% Free Fire players in the world. In all game modes, including Solo, Duo, and Squad, TSG Jash get high scores in every feature, such as headshot rate, K/D rate, wins, and kills. In Elite Pass Season 12, the player got Heroic tier and a high score of 3354. Now, with this impressive tier, TSG Jash is India no 1 Free Fire player. 

These are the top 10 of Indian Free Fire’s best players.


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